Castle Argyle Wall Hanging

Castle Argyle Wall Hanging

  • Wall Hanging size -  approximately 22.5” x 25”

  • Wooden dowel and hook included for instant use!

  • Handmade with 100% cotton fabric

  • Machine bound for strong finish

  • This quilt has not been washed to retain the crisp texture

  • Quilt will shrink when washed (that’s high-quality cotton for you!)

  • Machine wash on cold using gentle cycle; tumble dry on low or air dry

  • Pattern designed by Wren Collective

  • Please review product info and return policy here

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If you’re looking for some art to dress your wall, how about a little quilt? Sure, that awesome printed frame you’ve had your eye on looks good too but this one is washable, kid-friendly, and so light! Best of all, there’s no need for fancy tools to hang this beauty. Corner tabs are sewn in the back and your order includes a dowel and hook so it’s ready to hang!