Geisel Wall Hanging

Geisel Wall Hanging

  • Wall Hanging Mini Quilt size -  approximately 25.5” x 25.5”

  • Ready to hang - Wooden dowel and hook are included

  • Handmade with 100% cotton fabric

  • Machine bound for strong finish

  • This quilt has not been washed to retain the crisp texture

  • Quilt will shrink when washed (it’s high-quality cotton!)

  • Machine wash on cold using gentle cycle; tumble dry on low or air dry

  • Pattern designed by The Blanket Statement Quilt Co.

  • Please review product info and return policy here

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Dress up your wall with a modern mini quilt! The striking design and pops of color are a great way to add some spark in your favorite room. Best of all, there’s no need for fancy tools to hang this beauty. Corner tabs are sewn in the back and requires only a wooden dowel and hook (both included in your order!) so it’s ready to hang.