If you’ve ever received a quilt in your life, chances are, you remember who gave it to you. In fact, it might be on your couch or bed at this very moment, crinkly soft from years of use. Or maybe it’s in the closet, just waiting to be handed down to the next generation. Either way, there’s nothing like gifting someone a quilt. It’s a useful, one-of-a-kind art that, more often than not, holds a connection to our past.



Hello! I’m Donna and I’m the person behind XOXSEW. I’ve been sewing for three years but I sew nearly everyday to make up for all the days that I didn’t. It’s a thrill for me to see pieces of fabric come together to become a functional, unique gift. All of the items in my shop are made by me, here in Los Angeles.

Looking for more items not listed in my shop? Contact me or check out the Archive page or the FAQ page for more info on custom quilts. Thanks for stopping by!