Frequently Asked Questions


Do you make custom quilts?

My quilts are ready to ship but if you’d like one of my quilts to be made in a different color scheme or size, please contact me for pricing and availability. I tend to be selective on custom orders as it involves unknown factors including available materials and schedule. Unfortunately, I do not make T-shirt quilts nor do I accept materials provided by the client.


How much is shipping?

FREE shipping on US orders! International shipping is available and cost will vary by weight. Please review my shipping and return policy here.


Why are your quilts...priced that way?

First off all, thanks for trying to be polite lol. I understand why you’re wondering that and honestly, I thought the same thing not so long ago! However, after quilting and sewing over 40 projects in the past 2 years, I found the main answers. For the CliffsNotes version: making quilts require a pretty penny and lots and lots and - wait for it - lots. of. time. If you prefer an in-depth answer, let’s hold hands (or not, my husband isn’t into PDA either) and I’ll take you through my steps of quilting by clicking on the button below.

About Charitable Organizations

10% of every quilt order will be donated to a non-profit organization. The money will go towards a cause that align with my core values and that are near to my heart. If you’d like your money to go towards a specific non-profit organization listed on this page, please select only one and notify me via e-mail after your purchase. Proof of donation is also available upon request. Thank you in advance for your contribution!