Kona Swatch List - Updated

The main purpose of the list is to keep track and help identify missing Kona swatches.

UPDATED IN JULY 2019 TO ACCOMMODATE THE 25 NEW KONA COLORS This topic may sound like a snoozefest but if you like to keep things organized and intact, this blog post is for you! I’ve created a list to keep track of my Kona swatches and if this is the only reason why you’re here, scroll to the bottom to download the file. Just read the first step listed on this post to make sense of it all! I also made you guys an infographic to keep this short and simple because let’s face it - we’d all rather be quilting, too.



Warning: Wear safety glasses when throwing swatches like confetti

Warning: Wear safety glasses when throwing swatches like confetti

If you’re like me, cutting up your Kona color card may feel a little intimidating at first but after you’re finished, that feeling will immediately be replaced with thoughts of why didn’t I do this sooner?! Once you’ve set them free, the color combinations will seem endless! You might even celebrate with a swatch confetti party! Or don’t. In fact, please don’t, I almost poked my eye out.

Over time, there’s a big chance of your swatches getting lost or misplaced because now that they’re bite-sized (note: not edible), the probability of one getting lost in your fabric stash goes up! It’s happened to me plenty of times — where I’ve pulled some swatches to play with on a fabric bundle and then pulled another set of swatches for another project and then next thing you know, swatches go missing...there’s no more snack in the FRIDGE!.. OUR PETS’ HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!!

Luckily, there’s no more need to panic. I can simply refer to my list to see which swatches went missing! I open up the list, do a quick search (hit apple+F or CTRL+F), and type the missing number on your magnetic board. Bingo. 151 is Dusty Blue. It must be with the so-and-so project. Oh yup, there it is. Keep in mind it may not always lead to this kind of a happy reunion but I’m telling you there’s a chance ;)



IMPORTANT NOTE: Step 1 is the most important part of keeping track of your swatches and the only way my downloadable list will work. Once you’ve numbered each swatch, the corresponding list on the bottom of this post will help you in the future to identify missing swatch cards. Number each swatch below the fabric.

STEP 1: Which Kona Color Card do you have?

Kona Color Card 340
Number each swatch, row by row, starting from Titanium (1) to Grellow (340).

Kona Color Card 365
Number each swatch, row by row, starting from Graphite (1) to Cerise (365).

Kona Color Card 340 + 25 new color inserts
Number each swatch from the 340 color card, row by row, starting from Titanium (1) to Grellow (340). Then number each swatch from the insert, column by column, starting from Seascape (341) to Velvet (365). TIP: Need a tutorial to make those new colors into swatch cards? I have a blog for that! Click here.

STEP 2: Once you’ve numbered them all, you can start cutting them up by rows! Your trusty ruler and a sharp cutting tool is all you need. This will quickly dull your fabric scissors/rotary cutter so I highly recommend changing your blade or using non-fabric scissors.

STEP 3: Cut your magnet sheets to size. Mine are measured ¾” x 1”. Stick it in the back of each of your newly-liberated swatch, right behind where the fabric is. I got my sheets from Amazon.

STEP 4: Display on your favorite magnetic board. I got mine from IKEA.

STEP 5: Click on the corresponding button below to download the list! Yay!